Chocolate innovation!

UMAMI & chocolate!

Umami is next to sweet, salty, sour and bitter for several years proved the fifth basic taste, which has a bright entrance. Umami in Japanese means "glory" or "savory".

To create this chocolate, chocolatier M is using one of the best and last traditional brewed soy sauces in the world from Marushin Honke, which is also used in the imperial court of Japan combined with Belgium’s best chocolate.

After several months of experimentation, the final result is aromatic amazing and surprising! The reactions after chocolate tasting sessions of customers and many star chefs are fantastic. This innovation within the world of chocolate has been given a trendy spacy look. 

GOLD MEDAL winner!!

Chocolatier M | Knokke (Knokke-Heist) Umami Chocolatier M | Knokke (Knokke-Heist) umami Chocolatier M | Knokke (Knokke-Heist) umami